Resep Mama

My new hobby is calling my mom just for getting new cooking recipe. Enjoy it. Those are actually « ndeso » Indonesian dishes I really love but no matter what, one amongst my favourite meal. If you have your own thoughts, experiences, or recipes, please let me know. Sharing is great.

Oseng Kacang Panjang (Long Bean)

  • Long bean is cut about 2 cm long; some salt is spread into it, and then washed.
  • Onion, garlic, chilli pepper, are sliced, fried in hot oil, small amount of water is added.
  • Long bean is added into the pan. Mix well, add Maggi block, add sugar and salt if needed, ready to serve.

Semur Telur (Egg in Sweet Sauce)

  • Eggs are boiled and peeled
  • Chilli, onion, and garlic are sliced and fried, small amount of water is added; palm sugar, salt, and cane sugar are added
  • Eggs are put into the pan, boiled in the spice solution, when the water just remain a bit, sweet soy sauce is added, and boiled more until the remained water is removed.

Kering Tempe

  • Onion, thin sliced, fried until brown,
  • Tempeh, sliced 2 x 0.4 x 0.4 cm, fried in hot oil until brown
  • Garlic (2), kemiri (2), salt (if you do not use MSG, just use Maggi – Nestlé, half block, and do not use salt), chilli pepper, all the spices are pounded, then fried in the hot oil. After the smell is emerged (and you are tranced), add 100 mL of water. Palm sugar and tamarind are put into it as you like (just mention that 1 kg of palm sugar is a little bit too much). After the solution become viscous, sweet soy sauce is added. Stir well a moment, and then fried tempeh is added, stir well for about 3 minute for making a homogenous mixture between spice and tempeh. Ready to enjoy!

PS: I do not find my Mom said about using “salam leave”, perhaps due to the most impossible to find this precious leave, but anyhow, I have it.


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