Sore, Sundari Sukoco, Audrey Tautou

20 02 2008

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Chaos Legion

30 01 2008

Pas lagi gak jelas, buka2 yutub, eh kepikiran satu gim keren yang dulu dimainin waktu kuliah, Chaos Legion. Ehm, keren euy Delacroix, tapi Sieg lebih guah..hehe.. . My favourite, Badkarma’nya Hatred, meski dari sisi manapun Thanatos dengan time shiftingnya jauh lebih hebat, tapi badkarma cool abiez, palagi kalo lagi mbanting musuh segede2 gaban ato power ranger. Eh, terus nemu ini juga, Diablo. Hemm, gim yang juga bikin kecanduan… Jagoan gua Paladin, dulu punya shieldnya Zakarum, keren abis, dan dapet scepter yang gua kasih zod rune 2, freeze target +2, ehm.. palagi pake Tyrael Sacred armor, hemm… Baal di level hell lewat…Anyhow, gua suka banget cinematicnya diablo, cool, seperti yang ini, ini, dan ini. Favorit gua, yang ini, karena Tyrael keren abiiiis.

Bicara game fave gua, gak mungkin kelewat deh Blitzkrieg; kecuali yang fall of the reich, aku hampir mainin semuah, cuman karena yang terakhir itu butuh spek yang gak bisa dipenuhi semua kompieku, yasud. Favorit gua bukan maus, tapi jagdtiger, koenigtiger juga keren, wilberwind kejem, misi paling sukses adalah single wilberwind membantai 200 tentara US, sendirian (true story) tapi kenapa yah tank Russia keras2 banget, misalnya yang bikin stress, IS3 ini ato temtu saja, ISU-152 yang nicknamenya keren abiez, biggamehunter!! Karl, 600 mm proyektil, gila ituh! Ini bagus, El Alamein.


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Lagu-Lagu Ebiet

27 01 2008

Banyak lagu Ebiet yang nyantol di hatiku. Malam ini, eh pagi ini, sampe setengah tiga aku cuman muter2 ini di youtube, dan yang pasti lagu ini one amongst my favourite songs. Huh, what a heck. Yang ini dan ini, ehm.. lupakan lah… but still so touching for me..

Aquellos Ojos Verdes

27 01 2008

I even never realize why should I write this post.

Aquellos Ojos Verdes is an old song, even a very old one. It is become so famous sung by Nat King Cole. For most people, perhaps this song is so boring; anyhow, I love this song so much. This song is honoured to become soundtrack for several movies, such as “In the Mood for Love”, where Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung involve as the stars, then of course Green Eyes, a movie which have the same meaning with the song title. I sadly has not been watching both of the movies; no matter what, I love this song so much with no reason at all. Thank to Wikipedia whose I can grab the lyric and the English translation for this song. Enjoy the angel-like sound from Nat King Cole by clicking this link! Read the rest of this entry »

How can!!!

24 01 2008

How can it happen to me… It’s weird, it’s idiot, c’est totalement drole…. Shoot in my head. But I knew, it’s about learning, and I am sure, there’s something behind; where I can look back after. Just like digging the soil for the flawless gem; no regret for all the effort but happyness (decayed by Will Smith’s film) and bliss.



Happy B’day, mome!!

23 01 2008


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Today’s Miracle

19 01 2008

This is a miraculous day for me.

The story began one month ago. It was study week when I was so confident about this course. I knew even every point in the solution of every exams question; of course not, it’s just a hyperbole, anyway I was so confident to say “I know well this course”. Indeed, the exam is approaching. December 18th. First question is closed by a statement I wrote (it’s real), “is that easy?” I am sure the teacher read it. Second question is so scratch, no puzzle in my mind, and I wrote also another statement “that’s it, I give up”. For your information, even in the first period I wrote this statement in the exam answer sheet after explaining much “OMG, I just realized that the answer is iso-electric force and denaturation of protein, after all of my boring and massive explanation”.

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