Canon Nikon Canon Nikon Canon Nikon..

It’s just like counting the button in your shirt. I was very confusing about those two “religion” I have to choose several months ago when I decided to buy my first SLR camera; okay, DSLR. As you know, buying a poisonous DSLR is about building a system. Camera body is not the “everything”. You may get a kit lens, both for Canon D400 (Digital Rebel Xti) or Canon D350 and Nikon D40 or D40X (all are entry level DSLR, but powerful enough) is 18-55 mm F/3.5-5.6. Then, you may need a faster lens. You then are yearning to tele-zoom lens, perhaps 55-200 mm lens, or crazier to get 600 mm lens, who knows. Then, either choosing Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Pentac, Olympus, etc, is about building a system, not only buying the camera body and kit lens and finish. Sure, then you perhaps need more powerful sync flash, filter, tripod, etc etc, so poisonous, rite? It can send you into the deepest meadow of poverty; trap you into a never ending debt, so dramatic.

Okay, then, which one do you choose? I have ever been asked for an advice, D40 or 400D? I actually use Nikon D40. I just review those two cameras, other cameras are also great, you know, but those two cameras are cheap enough, great enough, nice enough to learn, and of course, fancy enough. These are several quotes I ever heard and also my opinions after months using D40.

1. US and Asia are Nikon, Europe is Canon, does it right?

2. Canon is for portrait, Nikon is for landscape. Perhaps it’s right. Canon tone is soft (people say like that) and very nice for taking picture of human. Nikon generally produces vivid and sharp picture. It will emerge a problem when you shot human face and the pore is so obvious.

3. Some says Nikon is so ergonomics, some says the opposite.

Anyway, then why I choose Nikon D40 than Canon 400D?

1. It’s cheaper. 60% is because of this reason.

2. I like Nikon, since Ken Rockwell has argued me using some technical explanation about the metering, kit lens, et cetera I never known the meaning surely.

3. Nikon has cheaper lenses in its disposal (not sure, anyway). I read many times that picture come from Canon camera will be awesome after using L series lens which are unaffordable ones. Not sure about this statement. My D40 also sends me into a trouble when I cannot auto-focus Nikkor 50 mm F1.8 cheap-great-fast lens, also Nikkor 70-300 mm AFD G. It’s a disaster, but I still can make nice picture (for me) using the kit lens, then I will be never bothered to manually focus the 50 mm F1.8 I want to buy next.

4. I am not fleeing into mega-pixel euphoria. 6.1 MP is more than enough, even when I was crazily cropping the picture anywhere.

5. D40 is so suitable for my hand, that’s it.

6. I love D40 D-lighting to compensate under-exposure, I adore auto ISO available in D40. The noise is still very acceptable until ISO 800 (for me).

How about the drawback of D40 rather than 400D?

1. No bracketing (white balance, exposure). No white balance bracketing is no problem for D40 since we can tweak it when we shot in RAW mode, though I cannot do that also, but actually it can be resolved. Exposure bracketing, it’s the problem. First, I consistently overexposure, then consistently underexposure lover, then I have to make iterations to get nice exposure I never got up till now.

2. Just 3 auto-focus point compared with 5 (?). When you know “rule of third” in photography, perhaps you will need more than 3. For me, it’s no problem when I take picture in landscape (horizontal) direction, but in vertical direction, it’s a bit difficult. Many times I missed the focus, but it’s actually because of my fault. In D40, we can use AE-AF lock to recompose picture, so this can be solved actually, just make more exercise to use AE-AF lock, but more AF point is better, in my opinion.

3. Canon is faster. Not sure, anyway. However, when I took shot in dim light; that time I made pictures in a room with insufficient light. It was very bothering, I have to be a stone statue for 1 second (the shutter speed is 1 s), then of course, all of my pictures are blur. Canonian (he uses 350D) can shoot very well. I think the shutter speed is faster in the same ISO, but I am not sure. FYI, we use the same aperture specification lens, maximum aperture is F3.5, in ISO 100-200.

All in all, both are great camera, both are nice camera for entry level, for learning seriously photography, and more than enough to make great pictures. For sure, it’s not about the camera, but about person behind. And when you have decided, you own it, explore, cultivate, and adore it, and then when you have been so emotionally connected with it, “itu sudah” (that’s all).

Last clue I summarize from articles I ever read about D40 and 400D, when taking picture of landscape or sufficient light, use D40; when taking picture of a person, or at indoor area, or sport, use 400D. When those cameras could not satisfy you, perhaps you need D3 or 5D.

dsc_1143s.jpg  dsc_1131s.jpg  dsc_1135s.jpg

Do not use D40 for taking picture of people

dsc_1421s.jpg  dsc_2241s.jpg

Nikon will suffer in indoor and dim light photography




2 responses

30 04 2008

“Canon is faster… It was very bothering, I have to be a stone statue for 1 second (the shutter speed is 1 s), then of course, all of my pictures are blur. Canonian (he uses 350D) can shoot very well. I think the shutter speed is faster in the same ISO…”

RUBBISH!!!!!! It is only dependent from the Max-Aperture of the lens and whether any of you had an image-stabilizer.

“Nikon will suffer in indoor and dim light photography..”

MORE Rubbish!!!!! This again is only dependant from the lens. The D40´s Autofocus goes down to EV -1, no Canon-Cmos-AF on consumer-level-cams will do that!!!!!

You should read Ken Rockwell´s pages again. All the necessary technical stuff is described there!!!

9 11 2008

wah jim…review yg kumplit utk DSLR lover wanna be. Aq jg pengen beli DSLR, binung spt kmu, D40 or 400D. Aku mau beli D40 aja ah, apke lens kitnya aja…aku prediksi/rasa sdh lebih dari cukup.

Tapi spt emang yaa klo nikon itu cocok bwt foto landscape rather than people. Itu foto 3 org yg ada di tgh difoto pake nikon yah…(rasanya kok gak sofisticated amat yaa jim fotonya, apa gara2 difoto pake nikon?).

thx jim atas pencerahannya…so aq beli D40 aja ya with std lenskit…spt yg ada disini nih :

suwun b4,

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