About Me

Hi, my name is Jim, but I prefer to use Frans as my nickname in the web. I live in a small town, I came from a small town, and I like small town rather than big and rush city. I study Food Technology now. I studied Chemical Engineering during my bachelor. I love travelling and start learning photography now. I love writing. My dream that has not been actualized up till now is finishing my novel. I wish to show how my Lord work in my life, how His miracles shape my days, and how stubborn I am to refuse Him from my life, but again and again He call me home. And, of course, here I am.



6 responses

8 02 2008

cek ngganthenge koen saiki Jim… heheheh..

27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

30 03 2008

Kayak chef internasioanl ajah

17 11 2008

penelitian tesis di PT Nestle Kejayan Factory kira2 bisa ndak yaaa???

3 12 2008

Mas Jim, kok nggak ada emailnya?ada yang mau ditanyain nih..aku adik kelasmu dulu..

3 03 2009
Dian Nur Ratri

Jimmy……aku butuh bantuan …lewat mana??

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