How to Treat Arjen

20 03 2008

This is weird; of course, but all in all, it works.

Arjen is our teacher. He taught Biore and Pedua. He is smart, humble, and above all, he was able to teach very well. From nothing, he made us very dumb, and eventually, he made us know, we are not « blonde » [Rinzema, 2007].

Anyhow, how to get a good mark in his course? This is our small secret I want to share. Never consider about how tough you study, never consider about how well you understand the course; the most important thing is just « how to threat him » as I did, as Peng Li did.

In period 2, I told him to commit withdrawing my exam answer. In period 3, Peng Li asked to take « re-exam » since she was not satisfied with her answer though she knew that she could do better. She was drifted in the whole exam week drawn and ruined for nothing after that « dissapointing » day.

The result? Peng Li got 8 for the exam she was not satisfied. So, like King-Altman Enzymatic Trick, like Maxwell-Stefan diffusion equation, like everybody debating whether casein submicelles is exist or not, I am sure, it works when you take the course with him. Enjoyable and ispiring course, indeed, with weird trick I can never ever realize it. What a writing…




One response

26 03 2008
peng li

it’s kind of like trojan horse or sun tzu’s art of war in reverse, aight? tricky way to get his attention 😛

really like his course, though. arjen style… yeah!!!

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