31 12 2007

This post talked about how jealous I am to all of my friends spending their holiday in Italy. Because of my brave decision to marry “her”, I have been thrown into the deepest meadow of poverty. Anyway, I still love her. During this couple of days, I spent my days only to take many pictures as I can, and pretend to do a vacation abroad. Yeah, The Netherlands is also “abroad” for me, Indonesian guy. Ha-ha, ini liburanku, mana liburanmu, kalian yang pergi ke Itali? Read the rest of this entry »


The Hague

27 12 2007

Located near the seaside, The Hague, one of the most important city in The Netherlands, brings a passion to many people around the world to taste the aroma of nature, crowd, and the past. Enjoy some picture I have made, though I do not know anything about that. I need more time to gather the info as well as another photograph. Last day I visited The Hague, it’s just a half day, while I attend Christmas Service with Indonesian people here.

csc_1368.jpg    dsc_1362.jpg    dsc_1414.jpg    dsc_1373.jpg    dsc_1417.jpg

dsc_1365.jpg    dsc_1372.jpg    dsc_1418.jpg

dsc_1422.jpg    dsc_1434.jpg    dsc_1439.jpg

So, when you make a trip to DH, just contact me. Perhaps I can accompany you hunting some picture. Have a nice trip.